Choosing an iron door for your home in Scottsdale, Gilbert, or East Mesa Arizona areas


What to know before you buy a custom iron door...

  1. Integrated threshold – Many iron door companies do not make their wrought iron doors with a threshold leaving the door susceptible to racking, unwanted movement and twisting of the jamb. Having a built-in threshold will ensure that your door remains square in its frame and seals properly on all four sides.
  1. One-piece, rolled steel frame – There are many ways to manufacture wrought iron doors.  The most common way to manufacture custom iron doors is to take several pieces of steel and weld them together, filling the joints with putty or filler.  The best engineered custom iron doors feature a one-piece, rolled steel frame.  The steel is folded into the desired shape adding strength and beauty.
  2. Hidden charges – Beware of companies offering forged iron doors at a seemingly low price.  Often the price you are quoted is for the door only.  Add-ons for glass, handles, locks, and other miscellaneous charges can quickly turn what you thought was a great buy into an expensive decision.
  3. Warranty – Not all forged iron doors are equal.  Be sure to look for an iron door that comes with a solid, lengthy warranty. 
  4. Finish – The majority of wrought iron door manufacturers use standard powder coating to finish their doors.  Powder coating, while a durable finish, has been known to dry out, crack and peel over time.  Using a zinc primer to protect against rust and epoxy base paint that is baked onto the door ensures a beautiful, long-lasting finish.
  5. Insulation – Regardless of the climate you live in, be sure to buy an iron door that is insulated with polyurethane foam insulation and features a dual-pane, insulated window unit.  Custom iron doors that are not insulated or have single pane glass will lead to higher heating and cooling costs.
  6. Construction- There is only one way to truly make a "hand made" iron door. The iron should be put into the fire then beaten and bent to shape.  Beware of companies that plasma cut or use hollow materials to build their custom iron doors and claim they are handmade. If your iron door is not made by forging the iron, then it is not handmade. 

What to look for in a company that makes wrought iron doors...

Large Inventory

Nationwide presence

Proven track record

Manufactured by the company selling the product


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